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Clients may have a lot of questions they need answers to before they hire the services of a Grader.

Hopefully the list below of some of the most frequently asked questions will assist.

Please feel free to phone on or contact us by email for any additional assistance

Are your Operators Final Trim?

Yes all our operators are Final Trim. They are continually being monitored and trained. All our operators can set up their own UTS Stations and are continually being upgraded as technology advances.

How much does a Grader cost?

It depends on the client’s needs and the area of the project e.g. wether accommodation and meals are required. If fuel is supplied and do you require GPS, UTS or both.

Who pays for mobilisation and demobilisation?

Generally the contractor depending on the length of the project.

How much gravel can a Grader place?

Our Graders are mostly John Deere 770GP weighing approximately 20 tonne with a C9 engine (183 KW) 245HP blade pull of 3150kg combined with our experienced operator. We can put in up to 4400 m² in a day. Of course this will vary on different sites due to access etc.

Do you have a minimum hire?

Usually 4hr minimum hire negotiated on contract.

Who supplies GETs (Ground engaging tools)

This is within our price quoted however may vary from project to project.